Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Manila Trip - Blogger United 4

While watching 2 Broke Girls (second to How I Met Your Mother), I thought of sharing some photos and things that happened during Bloggers United 4.

Ced and I arrived early afternoon because we still went to the divisoria and bought some good finds. I've heard alot about divi and promised to go there despite having the hang-over (Yes, we went out the day prior Bloggers United 4).
Finally arrived at the venue! We got a bit lost because WTC was extremely huge.
Got lost at the World Trade Center
As expected, the venue for BU was already very crowded and most of the men stuff were sold out (even the one I was eyeing on from David G). Rabsin, I told you to come early!!! LOL!
It was already crowded when we arrived. Sigh!
Most of everything where already sold. I should have came early.
Because I was in a star struck (a.k.a. fan-boy) mode, I was more behind the camera taking photos of everyone. I really wanted to have a photo with lovely friends Aisa Ipac, Steph Dy, Seph and Chai but they were very busy during the event which was understandable. Also wanted to have a photo with Lissa Kahayon, the Vern sisters, David G, Paul Chuapoco, Bjorn Bedayo, Mike Quizon, Miko Carreon, Kelly Meidina, JP Singson, Paul Jatayna, Alexandra Lapa, Ms. Kookie, Ana Gonzales and alooooot more! Unfortunately, I was sooooo shy. Never been like this before. I was already peeing in my shorts. LOL!
David Guison and Cedric Lucera at BU4
David G and Ced
Divine Lee and Cedric at BU4
The stunning Ms. D with Ced
My awesome Cebu friends (LR: Cedric, Alexa, Vanessa, Marco, Borg and Taylor)
What I wore during Bloggers United 4:
Polo from Giordano; Shorts from Vans; Shoes from MACO; Belt and Watch from SM Accessories
So loving the polo collection of Giordano. I also bought a couple tees from Giordano! I can't wait to wear them!


Rainier said...

so cool! you went here pala in Manila.

Milex said...


rabsin_d said...

@Rainer: Yes, but was just very quick. I wasn't able to meet with my good blogger friends...too bad. There is always next time though :)

@Milex: Thank you! Cheers!