Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HTC Says Let's Clean Boracay Island

People in Boracay knows how to clean
I remember myself seeing locals in Boracay waking up early to clean the beach front and that's why they are the best island in the World for 2012! People understood that it was not just for the tourists, but to have a healthy livelihood.

I'm pretty sure a helping had would give them a big, fat smile. So in partnership with HTC and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines, they organized a simple, yet worthwhile event to clean the island's beaches.
HTC Says Let's Clean Boracay Island
HTC sponsors extensive clean up of the island’s beaches
SamaKa, Let’s Protect Boracay!” was kicked off by a clean-up of the island’s beaches with a record total of 325 volunteers collecting 490 kilos of rubbish.

There is also an ongoing campaign where one signature is equivalent to a donation of one peso from JCI and partners. The said donation will go to the training where students are taught how to preserve their environment, tourism and hospitality and will make them the island’s next generation of green tourism experts.

Country Manager Richard Javier said, “We want Boracay’s beauty to be captured in HTC’s phones, which come with cameras that are almost as good as conventional digital cameras. This is our opportunity to ensure that its magnificent beaches will be photographed by generations of HTC users for years to come.”

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