Saturday, July 14, 2012

Loosen Up a Bit

I apologize for not updating this blog as often as I should have. I got preoccupied with work and was not really able to think of anything else, but work. Yes, I'm a workaholic! Nevertheless, I did have a chance to loosen up a bit and was able to relax, even just for a day.
BTS shot by Herbert! Love this shot btw.

Cut-Off Sleeve from Oxygen; Thrifted drop-crotch pants; Bracelets from H&M; Necklace and Watch from SM Accessories; Boat Shoes from Sperry.

Please hype my look above :D

BTW, are you seeing the background. Guess where this is? The place is so nice and will be the next BIG THING in Mactan Island. Let's just say, it will be the NEW TOWN in Mactan where you will find the biggest McDonalds soon.

Today is another busy weekend for me, but I'll make sure to find time and rest. You guys should find time to rest too. Have a great weekend guys! Don't forget to check out SM SALE until July 15, 2012.

Thanks to Herbert and Miong for the photos above!

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