Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Into the Wild - Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel

I was a bit all around the place for the weekend. Friends, my partner and even myself was so busy that we were not able to catch up with each other. I had to do a hosting gig for the whole Saturday which made me sleep the entire Sunday.

Anyways, I went to this awesome resort named as Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, which happened to receive the highest resort classification (AAA) award from the Philippine Department of Tourism. To top all of that, Costabella proudly flaunts their love for art, culture and family.

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Look at the carving at the background. It is a Cebuano who carved those! See how amazing it is?
They say the EARTH without ART is just 'EH'. -- Photo by: Geezelle Tapangan
Yes, Costabella is a family oriented hotel that will give you the warmth of your own home. A lover of art and culture giving pride to local artists in Cebu promoting their masterpieces and the antiques that they have successfully took good care of.
Inside their Seaview Suite -- Photo by: Mark Monta
(Hoodie jacket from Foot Locker; Shirt from Markus; Thrifted jeans; Boots from Forever 21; Bracelet, necklace and watch from SM Accessories)
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As much as I really want to, I can't seem to express through writing how amazing this place is. I am completely in a trance just looking at every corner of the hotel. These art collection is magnificent! Kudos to all the staff and crew who made the hotel such a lovely place to live in.

There is so much to see in Costabella and I strongly suggest that you check the place out. They probably have more art than what you find in other museums. It is also a must to check out their lovely rooms (with its customized weaved bed cover) and amenities too.

Official Website:
Twitter: @CostabellaHotel
Tel. (6332) 495-1000; 238-2700
Fax (6332) 238-2705

See more photos below:
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Swimming Pool
Seaview Suite Bed (good for 4 person)

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