Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nuffnang is Coming to Cebu

Nuffnang invades Cebu

Wooot! Wooot! Wooot! This is going to be a jam-packed event! That I'm sure. It would be a great pleasure to meet the people behind Nuffnang Philippines. You literally don't have any idea how hype I was while reading the email I got that Nuffnang Philippines will be invading Cebu on the 28th of April at Red Box, Ayala Center Cebu.

For that, I better get ready with my list of songs for it will be a one crazy karaoke session that you and I should not miss! In connection to that, if I were Nuffnang's tour guide in Cebu, no doubt, I will give them a musically inclined tour at the Halad Museum where the culture of Cebuano Music has been preserved.
The Halad Museum
The Halad Museum
The Halad Museum shares with you genuin music plaques of old Cebuano songs, influential Cebuano singers, composers and song writers, and even some gowns of our famous Cebuano singers like Pilita Corrales.
Old Visayan Christmas records with its genuin music plaque.
More Cebuano records.
Pilita Corrales' biography.
One of Pilita Corrales' gowns.
The said museum made such a huge impact and has been an inspiration to a musically inclined person like me...that's the reason why I want to share this amazing museum with Nuffnang.

BTW, thank you to the sponsors for bringing Nuffnang Philippines here in Cebu!

See you all!


JRG Halad Museum said...

Hi Rabsin,

Thanks for the recommendation on Halad Museum! We surely appreciate it. Hoping we'd see you again at the museum.

Audrey Tomada
JRG Halad Museum

rabsin_d said...


It's my pleasure Audrey! I will definitely go back there for more musical inspiration. Hopefully, I will meet you there next time :)