Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's Dye It Up

Life has been a b*tch lately (sorry for the lack of word), but it still doesn't stop us from smiling ;)
(Personalized Shirt by moi; Bag from Penshoppe; Thrifted bracelets; Thrifted watch; Thrifted dyed pants; Boots from Forever 21)
I had the chance to wear this amazing dyed jeans which I bought for Php 50.00 from my last visit to a thrift shop. I don't really wear this kind of pants, but I just want to try if I could pull it off.  Well by the looks of it...I guess I did! Hihihi!

I had alooooooooooooot more to blog, but I am still waiting for my lousy friends (kidding :p) to post the photos! Till next time! Good vibes to all!

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