Monday, March 12, 2012

Dark and Gray

This outfit was a tribute to my ever diluted complicated life where most of the time I was lazy and careless. However, this also shows the determination of struggling to win and going to the right path.
Thrifted long-sleeve polo; Bracelet and Watch from SM Accessories; Jeans from Freego; Boots from Forever 21
Yes, I have failed many times and as a matter of fact, another failure happened recently; but you know life is just very crazy that most of the time you question Him what is your purpose in life. If you have experienced this don't're not alone. LOL!

But you know what, just live your life. It's going to get better ;)

If we fall, where else do we go but up right? So stay calm and smile. We will win this fight!

Anyways, I had a chance to have a little chit-chat to the man behind Manels (a classic Filipino brand that has been in the market since 1964), Mark. A very witty young business minded guy...we indubitably had a great time...talked about anything and everything around the sun really. It was an informative, yet a fun talk. It seemed like we were friends for a long time. LOL! Too bad that Mark couldn't stay for another day in Cebu. Till we meet again buddy.
CFB x Manels Lovely Smiles (L-R: Jem, Rabsin, Mark, Vanessa and Chyrel)

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(Photos by: Jem)

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