Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kadaugan Street Party 2012 - Better and Improved Celebration

I had a chance to have a quick chit-chat with Councilor Harry Radaza while sharing with us some glimpse on what to expect during the 2nd year of Kadaugan Street Party 2012. This time, they had a longer time to plan everything out and had a better and improved view on the said street party...and to be honest, I am totally amazed and excited on the things that will be happening during the Kadaugan Street Party 2012!

Its objective is quite simple: to party in the street...and what better way to party in the street is to just go with the flow and have fun! I guess that's basically it! They have so much in store for everyone and I can't wait to experience everything there!

The Kadaugan Street Party 2012 will be on Friday (April 27, 2012) to Saturday (April 28, 2012) and I tell you this is going to be a non-stop activity so I suggest you plan your dates and hotels to enjoy the best of this street party!

Aside from the Rampada Street Dance Competition which is the major highlight of this event, they will also be inviting the MOCHA GIRLS!
The Mocha Girls
Yes, something worth to watch...I'm excited! In addition, they will be introducing another unique game and so far is the first in the Philippines probably: The Midnight Beer Run (3K & 6K) where instead of water stations, there will be beer stations! Cool huh? Drink your way to SUCCESS! LOL!

This is going to be really FUN and CRAAAAAAZY!

Read PR below for more info.

Lapu-Lapu City to Kick Off Kadaugan Street Party Celebration
PR (Click to see full screen)
Schedule of Activities (Click to see full screen)
Vicinity Map (Click to see full screen)

See you all there!!!

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