Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How To Get NBI Clearance in Cebu (2012)

Getting an NBI Clearance here in Cebu is not as time consuming as what I've read on those blog entries. They keep saying that you'll be waiting like forever to get your NBI Clearance, but I actually got mine within 1-2 weeks only after process. *It's not that long really*

You only need to do one thing and that is to be VERY EARLY! Yes, like 5-6am! That early. 7am is okay, but you'll be waiting together with a huge crowd waiting for their turn as well.

Basically, you need to go to the NBI twice. First, to get your schedule; and second, to follow the said schedule you got from day 1.

National Bureau of Investigation is near the Capitol Branch of Balamban Liempo. You can ask anyone around and they will tell you where it is and what to do.

How To Get NBI Clearance in Cebu

Day 1
I went to the NBI around 6:30 am and immediately went to the person outside the gate. You will need to write your name on a form and the person will give you a paper with your schedule on it. You MUST keep that paper for you will need that on the second day you visit the NBI. Usually the schedule will be a week after you get your schedule (Example: You went to the NBI on Feb. 22, you will then be scheduled on Feb 29).

After getting my schedule, I left and went straight home.

Day 2
I went back to the NBI based on my schedule around 6:30 am still and noticed that the place is getting a bit crowded so I went straight inside the gate and gave my scheduled paper in exchange of the NBI Form.
At the NBI Office
Just filled my form and is now waiting for my Form Number to be called.
Once the form is filled, you will need to wait for your Form Number to be called and prepare your Php 115.00 for the payment. (Tip: They usually don't give a change if you pay 120 so you better get some change in advance).

After paying, you will then fall inline for the fingerprint and the picture taking. Once you get that all cleared, you will now be able to get your NBI Clearance!!!

Unfortunate for me, I have a very common I got HIT! So I waited for a week or two to get my NBI Clearance. It wasn't that long really because I got my NBI Clearance now on my hands.
How To Get NBI Clearance in Cebu
I got my NBI Clearance for 2012!!!
The main goal is to be there really early. Check out this photo I took after I finish processing my NBI. These were the people who came around 7:00 am. Do you want to experience this? I'm sure you don't please be there early.
FYI: This area here is really hot! Trust me!

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