Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dinner at Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant - Davao Day 1

And I thought our day ended up with a blast at the Davao Crocodile Park and the trip to Lola Abon's. I guess I was wrong because it will be THE BLAST at Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant! It was my first time to experience it there and boy it was like crazy awesome!

I didn't realize that we haven't took our dinner yet due to the amazement that we are slowly absorbing until Dyan's cousin, Jerome, invited us for dinner. We hastily took a bath and change for Jerome will be picking us in a few.


A freaking HOT sports car picked us up and went straight to Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the drooling sports car.
Heading to  Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant
Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant was like an elevated, isolated area (on top of the hill). Having dinner in a Baguio-type weather plus a view overlooking the city is like UNDESCRIBABLE!
Interior of Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant
See our awesome!
Dinner is served!

What a sumptuous dinner it was! Thank you very much Jerome for the treat!

Wait, there's more! LOL! We couldn't just let this cold night pass without having some few drinks right.

And to top all that, we had some crazy picture taking outside the resto:
So the bar below Jack's Ridge was called Kais Bar
Where am I? LOL!

It was a jam-packed day indeed! Very tiring yet very fulfilling!!! Amazing day indeed!

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