Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Davao Crocodile Park - Davao Day 1

It has been my 2nd time in Davao Crocodile Park (check my first experience here) and I personally advised the group that it's A MUST to go their.

Unfortunately, the place was full pack with students! Seriously, it was very hard to pass through one area to another.
Davao Crocodile Park filled with students
I personally love Davao Crocodile Park especially the performance of Tribu Kamindanawan firedance performance! It was just wicked! Too bad I wasn't able to take a video (for the second time)! Grrr!

I'm still really glad that my friends enjoyed every bit of their time so far! I can't wait for our day 2 which is in Maxima Beach Resort!

For now, let's enjoy some of the photos taken in Davao Crocodile Park:

They say it's the 2nd largest crocodile (not sure if it's in the Philippines only)

Dyan, Eds, Jobelle, Ced and our ride
I still wish I was able to take a video of the fire dance performance. Sigh!

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