Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 2 - Maxima Aquafun Beach Resort Experience

Finally, day 2 came and the weather was just amazing! We were very excited for this trip because of the amazing rumors about the said beach resort so we started the conversation with our expectation...and before the conversation was about to get intense, to our surprise the resort was already in front of us.
Arrived safely at Maxima Aquafun
Maxima Aquafun
Maxima Aquafun Beach Resort Experience
Indubitably the Home of Abyss. You have no idea how awesome this place is plus having great friends around, it was an infinite smile everywhere!

I was able to speak with the manager of the said beach resort and gave us quick glimpse of the things that you can do in Maxima: banana boat riding, slide, swim, snorkeling and alot more!

Before we started doing crazy things, we filled our stomach first with their crocodile dishes and some food that we brought. Yes, you can bring your own food ;) (FYI: You might want to order as soon as you arrive because most of their dish easily gets sold out.)

Check the photos below:
Jump Shot in Maxima Aquafun
Another Jump Shot!
Banana Boat riding in Maxima Aquafun
The Slide
We had the slide many times because it was just so fun! LOL! We weren't able to take a photo of the snorkeling because camera wasn't waterproof which actually was the reason why I bought a waterproof cam weeks after this trip :D

Anyways, this is the end of our weekend trip in Davao. I hope you enjoyed the photos! Ciao!

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