Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Surprise

It was never my intention to be like this for Halloween! Hahahaha!
I already planned to be something like a Greek God Warrior for the Halloween; however, the costume that I was about to rent got ruined...such a bummer! I really wanted to be the greek god so I totally didn't think of anything else for the Halloween :(

The night before Halloween, I saw this dress from my sister and bumped into her make-up set...then suddenly, I said I think I have a costume! Hahahaha! I called an officemate who do cosplaying and borrowed one of his wig...and I'm ready to go!

Happy Halloween

Hahahaha! Do I look pretty? LOL! (just for laugh)

You decide if I pulled it off or not. LOL!


DaMnViXeN said...

na liki ko!! hahahahha but u look damn pretty! lol

rabsin_d said...

hahahaha! lol! Si Vanessa East copycat! LOL!