Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BenMore Scotch Whisky Launching in Cebu

My dad is a whisky guy and he collects whiskys at home. When I was a child, I sometimes sneak at night and sip a glass of whisky just to taste what dad is drinking everyday. After tasting each bottle, I promised to myself NEVER to drink ever again!

Until I've tasted the newest Whisky in town.

BenMore Launching in Cebu

Yes, I am now a drinker thanks to High School and College years. To be honest, I'm a big hard liquor fan...simply because beers have way more calories and will eventually make you fat compared to hard liquors. I started with Tanduay Rhum and my body still keeps looking for that distinctive taste. However, the only problem with hard liquors is that it's too strong to most people and most of them are expensive especially Whiskys.

Now, that I knew about BenMore Scotch Whisky, I think I just found my guilty pleasure!
BenMore Scotch Whisky Launching in Cebu

Invite your friends and enjoy the night with a sexy and classy BenMore Night Out without burning your wallet. For only Php 380.00 you can now enjoy a bottle of BenMore Whisky Scotch and share with your friends an enough amount of fun and laughter.

Be Responsibile. Drink Moderately. Drink BenMore.


ardee sean said...

nice must-try.. :P

rabsin_d said...

yeah! Give it a try buddy but drink moderately okay ;D