Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manjuyod Sand Bar: A Trip to Dumaguete

A trip to Dumaguete will never be considered a trip if you don't experience the sea...

We just had the best dinner at Gabby's Bistro (Saturday) and we need to make our Sunday even more memorable! Before this, I have been longing to go and experience again the Sand Bar in Manjuyod so I decided to take that tour!
playing guitar before our trip to Sand Bar

Manjuyod Sand Bar

We rode a bus from Dumaguete to Bais for Php 45.00. The bus will drop you in the bus stop near Mercado de Bais (the newly inaugurated building of President Noynoy). There you can get a tricycle for Php 50.00 - 60.00 to bring you to a fishing port where you can rent boats of different sizes.
There we got a boat good for 5-10 people worth Php 2,000.00 but to be honest, you can still negotiate this to Php 1,500.00. Unfortunately, I didn't have the power to negotiate that time because I just really want to go to that seven kilometer strip of white beach sand bar. However, before we actually left for the White Sand Bar, the boat that we rented was having problems with its battery so we were transferred to a bigger boat that is good for 20-30 people. How lucky can we get? A big boat for 2K? YEAH! Great deal!

So there we go...and let's just say that the rest is history and let the photos below explain what happened in sand bar ;)
Manjuyod Sand Bar 
Ced, Xar, Van and Ed 
Bombastar on the loose 
arrived on the Sand Bar 

low tide moments :)
Sunset at Manjuyod Sand Bar 
jump shot at Manjuyod White Sand Bar 
jump shot at Manjuyod Sand Bar 
The sunset, the slipper and the white sand 
Ced and I

This place will always be a special memory. Till the next time!

Photo Credit: Eden; Cedric; Vanessa; Syarief

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