Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glad to Glamp - The Glamping Experience at Maribago

It was a perfect day when my blogger friends and I where invited to this one of a kind event that took us by surprise. It was an overwhelming experience go camping glamorously, Glamping.

Yes, a different way to experience camping is through glamping. If you can't literally can't stand a 100% Cowboy style of camping, then go Glamping..and I tell you that it's a carefree and a relax experience.

Drum beaters at Glamping
It started with drum beaters while the others where already preparing the food. Most of our time was spent relaxing and getting the sense of nature. The venue was elegantly done. The colors used was perfect. The food was fantastic! What a great day it was!

Glamping at Maribago
Yummy food at Glamping
What more do you need?
My plate :)
CBS at Glamping

Thank you Maribago for this wonderful experience!

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