Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bantayan Island 2011 Trip - Enjoying while reflecting during Holy Week

This will be my second time to visit the beautiful Bantayan Island. I wrote my first trip to Bantayan last April 7 of 2010. It was all about how to go to Bantayan Island and how much was the fair. I also featured their some food and best places to stay. Check it out by reading Bantayan Island Escapade 2010.

Now, once again I will be coming back to pay another visit and this time it will be more on enjoying and reflecting. The first stay on the island was more on soul searching and identifying goals. In addition, I also want to meet Manong Noc-Noc again. If you don't know him, you can check the previous entry I wrote about Bantayan (See the previous link above).

So I'll see you guys there!

Update - April 25
Just got home from Bantayan and boy it was fun! Before I go into further details below is the fair expenses from Cebu going to Bantayan and vice versa.
fair expenses from Cebu to Bantayan for 2011
If I compare it last year, there were less people and less events this year...which I think is a good thing for me to reflect and relax better. I was with some friends and we had a wonderful time.

Most of my time was on the beach enjoying the heat of the sun and the cold sea. I also tried sun bathing for an hour (30min front; 30min back) and the result is a perfect fair tan/brown (moreno) skin!

I also tried looking for Manong Noc-Noc but he is nowhere to be found. I wish him and his family good health though.

Indubitably, I enjoyed every minute in Bantayan, especially with great friends and company. The laughs. The talks. The place. Perfecto! Aside from enjoying, reflecting was also one of my plans why I wanted to go to Bantayan...and so I did. I have lots of reflection and realization while I was at Bantayan. So many that I couldn't even write them one by one. However, one thing is sure, I have grown to be a better person. I guess you have found that out ahead of me, but if you didn't, I hope you find it soon.

There is so much to learn and so many things to do. I guess I should be doing them one by one...soon! Anyways, I hope you enjoy some photos I took at Bantayan Island for my Bantayan Island 2011 Trip.

feet: I'm very eager to step to Bantayan! Rawr! 
meet the gang going to Bantayan 
at the port of Bantayan 
the gang getting ready for the beach 
my summer look for 2011

I also tried practicing my photography skills and start conceptualizing stuff.

  • A lonely marsh mallow bear alone at Bantayan

  • The marsh mallow bears

  • The Traveling Crab
The Traveler 
The Plant 
The Traveler and the Plant

  • My coffee with marsh mallows
Coffee with marsh mallows 

  • The Sunrise in Bantayan Island
The Sunrise

  • My Zagu in Bantayan
Freshen Up

More photos will be posted soon!


Anonymous said...

i saw you there in morning facing the horizon in early morning.

Archer said...

nice photos! i was in the same exact location last holy week. i love how it wasn't as crowded as the previous years.

check out my post:

rabsin_d said...

@archer: cool! It was a worthwhile trip!

@anonymous: o yeah...well, my hair is quite!