Friday, March 18, 2011

My Say on National Bloggers Association

With all these issues and concern regarding the National Bloggers Association, these are my statements:

  • The manifesto was obviously a draft for the said National Bloggers Association. Everything in the manifesto was open for changes. In fact, it was still unsure if it was to be called the 'National Bloggers Association'. It was purposely written to be a reference or a guide for all the bloggers.
  • It is for every blogger, not for those organizations or societies. National Bloggers Association is not to erase the local organizations that has been existing. It is a mere bridge for every local organizations to easily organize a national event or whatsoever.
  • Its purpose is to designate the manifesto to every bloggers in the Philippines and to those who are Filipinos, but since no one knows all the bloggers in the Philippines, it is definitely a slow dissemination process.
These are based on my opinion and what I can say about National Bloggers Association. I say don't spill incomplete information. There are better ways on how to address our concerns and suggestions. Though this plan is quite impossible, but if it's for the good and for the better of the blogging community, I will say YES and do my best to help and initiate this plan.

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