Thursday, December 16, 2010

The New Look of Globe Flagship Stores - A New Customer Service Experience

Globe Flagship Store in Cebu
Last night, Globe Telecom has once again made another triumphant breakthrough in celebrating and showcasing the new look of the Globe Stores and a full customer service experience! It was a great...wonderful night indeed and I was able to finally meet the President of Globe Telecom!
Ernest Cu, President of Globe Telecom
However, it doesn't end there. Since this was primarily focused with customer service experience, they actually made a training area for their employees. Isn't that awesome?

Yes, inside the Globe Flagship Store at Ayala Center Cebu (Active Zone), which is one of the largest Globe Flagship Store, is a training room for all their employees to further improve their skills in terms of communication and sales for these needs to be yearned and earned.

The development and renovation will be implemented to all the Globe Stores and that includes the training room and the awesome atmosphere with all those fully working phones to examine...and did I forgot to tell you about the Galaxy Tab that you can absolutely try for yourself!
Wil, Rab and Coy at Globe Flagship Store in Cebu
Now, who's saying that Globe is not hearing their customers concerns? You better think again.

This post will be updated as soon as I get some photos and videos during the event.

Below is the Official Press Release during the event.


Globe Flagship Store takes the Queen City of the South by storm

Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications firm in the country, continues to revolutionize the retail experience in the Philippines with the launch of its largest flagship store in Cebu City.

Located at Ayala Center Cebu, the modern 220-square meter store is one of  the largest flagship store thus far. It showcases the "blueprint for the future" concept of Globe veering away from the traditional utilitarian concept typical of telco-retailing, towards a digital lifestyle that focuses on the needs of the customers.

"The new look of the Globe Store reflects our desire to provide a full customer experience by offering a full range of products and services including the hottest gadgets and most affordable plans in town, coupled with great customer service and after-sales support. Our store environment was designed to make it very easy and engaging for customers to choose the communication services they need. Our customers find the products and services they need all within the convenience of a one-stop shop," said MaridolYlanan, Globe Head of Stores.

Created by award-winning Australian architectural firm Public Design Group, the cutting-edge design of the Store features a seamless, semi-circular, two-section layout which allows customers to easily browse around the product display as well as request for after sales support.

The inner core called the Shop Zone highlights the digital lifestyle, featuring a wide array of working mobile phones like iPhone 4 and tablets that the customers can feel touch and test. There are also laptops with Wi-Fi and broadband connections for everyone to try the surfing services of Globe.

The Store also carries top of the line and stylish accessories for cell phones and laptops such as skins, headsets and cases made by popular international manufacturers conveniently organized per category to make it convenient for the customers to find the best one to complement their gadgets.

Aside from the enhanced shopping experience, the Store also provide customer support services. The Service Zone houses the Self Help area for customers who want immediate answers or who need to print a copy of their bill; Express Service for fast transactions such as modification of account information and subscription plans. Customer Service for more complex transactions and opening of new accounts; and Cashier for bills payment.


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