Friday, August 6, 2010

SM ECO BAG Official Launching in Cebu

SM Cebu has just officially launched their newly conceptualized SM ECO BAGs today!Ribbon Cutting at SM Eco Bag Official LaunchingIt was commonly called as GREEN BAGs which can be bought at the Super Market. Now, they have released 4 designs for the SM Eco Bag signifying the 4 elements: air, earth, fire and water.

I will not keep you waiting any longer…here are the ECO BAGs:SM Eco Bags
  1. Flow – represents the element of Water
  2. Spark – represents the element of Fire
  3. Renew – represents the element of Earth
  4. Breathe – represents the element of Air
This project is for a cause to help our Mother Nature! Every time you buy an Eco Bag, you can save Mother Nature and yourself from danger. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to burn neither your pockets nor your wallets. So buy your own SM Eco Bag now! Live in a World that is Green and Clean!

Photos by Miong

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