Friday, August 6, 2010

A First Timer – Win a Free Boracay Escapade

I was fashionably stunned and excited when I saw this contest from Seair: An ALL EXPENSE PAID 3 days trip to Boracay with free lodging at Microtel!!! What could be more stunning than that? I really thought there was no way for me to achieve my dream of going to Boracay. I guess I was wrong…totally wrong! And now that it’s here, I’m never letting this opportunity go!

I love to travel and I make sure that I touch people’s lives when I travel. I started this when I was in College where I was quite active with programs that will help the needy and the less fortunate: feeding program, free health clinic and free tutorial are some of the said programs. This simple act gave me lots of friends and made me love travelling.

The very first project I did was my Bantayan Island Escapade 2010 where, aside from enjoying how fantastic the island was, I also got to know a local potpot driver and asked their way of living in the island. I realized a lot of things during our conversation and gave him some extra cash for touring me in the lovely Island of Bantayan.

Now, going to a long dreamed island is just an entry away, I am hoping and wishing to all the angels in the sky to hear my desire and bless this entry to win for the said contest.

Making my first footprint in Boracay Island has been a very long dream of mine (Well, I guess it’s every persons’ dream if I’m not mistaken). I’ve heard so much of the island and I am really intrigued about it, especially of the gossip that the island is a half-established-half-destroyed island. According to rumors, half of the island is what they call “Paradise”; however, the other half of the island is where the wastes are thrown and where some local citizens are living. For this, I would really love to go to Boracay and see how they are living. It would be an honor for me to help them and share even the simplest thing that I can share to them, LOVE and COMPASSION…and if there is more that I can help, I would if I can.

Basically that’s it. I wish all the contestants the best of luck and God Speed!

To join the contest, be a fan first on SEAIR’s Facebook Page and click here. By the way, please like my link HERE. Thank you!


Boracay Hotels said...

Wow nice offer. How can we join this contest?

Tanya Gemarin

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you can see it in the entry :)