Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silliman University Cheerdance Competition 2010 Result

I will definitely say CCS won this Contest!!! I don't know whats going on or if there is a MAMBO JUMBO s**t that is going on...but you look for yourself!

The failure of 2 stunts is not enough to DOMINATE the TOTALITY of the ROUTINES PERFORMANCE!

Nursing Performance - Champion

CCS - 1st Runner Up

I'll try to find a Youtube version of these video so that I can embed it easily here.

On your opinion, what do you think? Who do you think won?


Anonymous said...

Well, mastery of the routine matters. Nursing definitely deserved the win.

rabsin_d said...

@Anonymous: I beg to disagree...lelz!

Anonymous said...

nursing really deserved the title.. it was a perfect and clean performance :)

rabsin_d said...

@Anonymous: I doubt...are you a chearleader? If you're not...obviously you don't know what clean performance is...