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Enjoy Card Launch in Cebu: A Lifestyle Discount Card

Enjoy Discount CardIt was last night, August 25, 2010, where a lifestyle discount card program was officially launched at Maya Mexican Restaurant at Crossroads, Banilad, ENJOY CARD. I was actually just a replacement of one person who could not attend the event for an important matter. Well good thing this is a lifestyle blog.

Enjoy Card Launch in Cebu.

Whether you are into club hopping, shopping, dining, or even traveling, ENJOY CARD is fashionably perfect for you!

I have heard a similar program with ENJOY CARD, but the most significant thing they have conquered was identifying their target market and they were pretty aware that most people in Cebu (maybe all over the World) are very greedy, if not very particular with money and expenses. For that, they have lowered the price to Php 895.00 only. Imagine that? Compared to other lifestyle card programs, this is really, really AFFORDABLE!
Enjoying the Enjoy Card LaunchingDuring the launching of ENJOY CARD, we were oriented of the features that we can get of the card and it was just outstanding! The guest has their own personalized ENJOY CARD and I'm pretty sure it just made everyone 's day happy. Too bad for me because I was just a replacement. I'll be getting my own ENJOY CARD hopefully next week...but that's okay, I definitely can wait.

Take a look at the Official Press Release of ENJOY CARD Launching in Cebu below:

Tantalizing Treats Exclusive to Enjoy Card

Complimentary champagne cocktails, discounted if not FREE delectable dishes, seizing the hottest shopping finds, and exclusive access to Cebu’s trendiest events – all these and more are what Enjoy members can expect to experience.
Enjoy, the country’s premier lifestyle card, offers over P 250,000 worth of treats, discounts and freebies in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Boracay. To date, it is the country’s fastest-growing loyalty and privilege marketing program counting more than 40,000 members nationwide.
The Enjoy CardsBecause Enjoy offers partners presence on print, the internet, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and mobile devices; we're able to get exclusive perks for Cebuanos that they can't find in any other promotional tie ups." says Shanna Lopez, senior partner at Enjoy.

Light on the pocket but heavy on the bargains, Enjoy comes in two variants – the Philippine edition that includes both the Manila and Cebu - Boracay voucher books for Php 1,995; and a Cebu - Boracay edition that does away with Manila voucher book for only Php 895. Either ways, members save at more than 700 of Enjoy partner venues all over the country.

Mobile benefits

Helping cardholders maximize their membership experience is the free and easy-to-download mobile application EnjoyPH. A perfect complement to the Enjoy card, EnjoyPH serves as the mobile guide that provides detailed information about Enjoy’s partner merchants. The application is compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung smartphones.

Users can browse and search detailed information about the establishments through EnjoyPH’s interactive directory. To keep members updated on seasonal promos, the app streams the latest news and updates direct to the phone. Lastly, EnjoyPH features Google map integration and the GPS-based Near Me feature to locate the nearest partner merchants around them. All these add to the benefits of cardholders, and give non-members a sampling of all the Enjoy perks they can have once they sign up.

“EnjoyPH really goes hand-in-hand with the Enjoy program. The application was created because of the insight that urbanites always bring with them their wallets and mobile phones wherever they go. With the Enjoy Card in their wallets and EnjoyPH application in their phones, finding the hottest and finest deals is just a flash of a card and one browse away,” Lopez adds.

Interested in gaining access to the best finds in the metro and beyond? Avail of the Enjoy card or try EnjoyPH and experience only the most exclusive privileges. To learn more, visit or contact Tina Gonzalez at (032) 4185392.

During the event, they had this contest where you need to spend Php 5,000.00 and using the ENJOY Discount card, the objective is to get the biggest savings...and I actually won the 5th prize! Weee! See more photos below.

serious with the contest *honestly, I have no idea what I was doing*
Enjoy Card Contest
...and here is my prize!
Prize  during Enjoy Card ContestDoyzkie and Rabsin at Enjoy Card Launching
X, Doyz, Iggy, Rabsin and Nowi
...more friends...
Iggy, X and I

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