Thursday, June 3, 2010

SM Cyberzone Summer Festival: the store for all the latest gadgets

SM Cyberzone is popularly known with their quote “I.T.s all here!” not just because of their wide variety of products, but also because of the quality and the durability of their products. They cater the best and the latest computers, gaming consoles, cellular phones and so much more. This is the only place where you can find the things you want or need in IT. Cyberzone is consistently the one stop IT destination. As their quote say... It's all here!

SM Cyberzone Summer Festival
Together with the Cebu Bloggers Society, I went to the Cyberzone, SM Cebu last May 25 where the Summer Festival took place...and was extremely amazed of the things that were going on. You can hear the crowd's thrill, excitement and joy all together while enjoying and experiencing the activities that Cyberzone Summer Festival has offered.

Please see a video of me giving a quick tour on the said event:

There were different kinds of booth around that gave entertainment to everyone. People are thrilled with all the free entertainment they were getting. They say the best things in the world are those things that are for free..and in the said event, you can get free games, free raffle prizes, and free photos! What more could you ask for?

Do you consider yourself a narcissist or, the most appropriate term, I may say, would be, 'cam whore' (camera whore)?

If yes, then let the CAM WHORING begin! Enjoy the photo booth by yourself or with friends and get your best or most wacky shot! I can only imagine how tiring this could be for the photographers...thinkng that we all have the dentencies of being a camera whore (like me).

Presenting to you the best cam whores ever:

Doi and Rab at Cyberzone Summer FestivalThe Early Birds at Cyberzone Summer Festival
Once you get sick and tired of looking at your faces, you might want to go to the Upload Express Station where you can view and upload your cam whoring sessions with your friends or your own personal photo and make it your new profile picture on Facebook and other social networking sites, but before that, you might want to enhance the photos you've taken at the Photo Editing Booth. You can also print your photo at the printing area and it will serve as a wonderful remembrance of an extraordinary event like the Cyberzone Summer Festival.

Cyberzone Summer Festival's Printing AreaCyberzone Summer Festival's Upload Station
There is also a booth that will test how lucky you are. Try to check it out and you might win a fabulous prize that you thought you will never ever have and would just be in your dreams forever.

The Booth of Luck
...but the best part of Cyberzone Summer Festival was the Gaming Station! The event will never be as pumped up if it wasn't for the awesome games they have shared to everyone! If you watched the video above, you can actually see the games that everyone seems to be enjoying ALOT!

I also grabbed the opportunity to play Wii for the first time...and I was kind of amazed at myself that I actually am really good at it. I played the lawn tennis game and right there and then...I won! It was amazing! It was also a good exercise because I was actually sweating while I was playing Wii. It felt so real and I was acting like it was real...positioning myself as a real tennis player. It was son fun and I enjoyed every second of the game.

Below are some products that they have showed during the event:

I hope they continue this kinds of events!


Blair said...

Wee kinsa nay daug hehehe sayang wala nay cellphone hehehe

rabsin_d said...

@Blair: wla pa jud ko kbalo..wahehehe!