Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Concern about Globelines

Few weeks ago, I have decided to get my Globe Wimax connection (See previous entry: Im getting Globe Wimax Connection). Currently, my siblings and I am currently enjoying the fast connection we are getting, but it took me 2 weeks to just to get my connection. I was somehow disappointed with the scenario I went through just to get this Globe Wimax Connection.

Here is what happened:

(Day 1) I went to Globelines, SM City Cebu branch and filled up a form to get a Globe Wimax and payed Php 500.00 for the installation of the said connection. The lady told me that there will be an IT Technician that will visit my place on the day or the day I waited. However, the IT Technician came on the 3rd day...I didn't mind.

(Day 3) The Technician came! GREAT! I got so excited that finally Ill be getting my connection...but was surprised on what I saw. They presented a different device. Its an 'I can't explain object' that is attached into your laptop. So it was a LAN connection, which is not what I was expecting to get because Globe Wimax should wireless. I was expecting that they will present a router or something. The technician told me that the 'I can't explain object' was their Globe Wimax and the wireless connection is a different product.

(Day 4) I went back to Globelines to confirm and specifically asked what I was asking. That was the time I found out that they have a third party IT Technical Team or something like that so there might have been a miscommunication between both parties. After everything was specified, the customer service assured me 3 waiting days to get my I waited...again.

However, after 5 days, no IT whatsoever came! I got frustrated and contacted a friend from Globelines Manila, Mr. Jeffrey Ochoa Tarayao and asked for help.

(Day 10) Someone called (Finally!) Mr. Patrick Gloria, I think he's one of the head superior in Cebu and Bacolod, and told me that they will be fixing this query. I told him every detail and my frustration about the scenario I went through...and he humbly apologized and did everything he can to help me.

It took another 3 days...

(Day 13) Finally, an IT Tehnician came with the router and wallah...Hello Globe WImax Connection!

I would like to say thank you to those people I have mentioned and helped me out. However, I can't help to feel dismay that I got my connection because I have a backup inside Globelines. What if I don't? How long should have I waited?

Please communicate with your IT guys and clearly give them the products that Globelines in Cebu are offering. Communication is very essential in a business. In addition, do take care of your customers. They are everything you got. If you promise a day, then walk your talk!


Alexander said...

I came across your blog while researching about Globe WiMax. It seems you're enjoying the service, after the unfortunate circumstances in installation you experienced, of course.

You mentioned that you were intially given a device to attach to your laptop through a wire similar to a LAN cable, right? Is this the standard package when availing the service?

What is the network setup (topology) Globe WiMax reps provided you for your wireless network?

Thank you!

rabsin_d said...

@Alexander: I'm not sure if it was the standard package, but it was not what I was expecting...I expected a wireless router and not a LAN connection...

Not sure of the network setup neither.

Anonymous said...

I too am experiencing unsatisfactory services from Globelines. I have submitted a request for transfer of location of my account last April. It is now almost June and I have made more than 5 phonecalls just to have my concerns addressed. But to no avail I always get the same response: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I am already making a report about this." I mean, how many reports do they have to make to have this issue closed....
I am so pissed off by their service, its just that I cant terminate my account because I have a one yr contract signed.

rabsin_d said...

@Anonymous: thank you so much for your comment. I hope Globelines will read this entry and will be aware of their customers needs.

I hope your concern will be responded soon. Have a great day!