Monday, May 10, 2010

Halalan 2010 / Election 2010 in Dumaguete

Today, I have finally voted and was happy to shade the green side of my ballot. However, I was totally dismayed of some things that I saw. Here are the things that I noticed during the Election 2010 / Halalan 2010 in Dumaguete:
  • The Poll watchers are bias and are catering insertions.
  • The Poll watchers are letting other people sign some paper outside the precinct area and saw some money distribution... This was so alarming where vote buying was publicly tolerated.
  • There were no extra Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines in the area.
  • The place was conducive for the PCOS machine since the area was so hot and will easilt destroy the machine.
  • There was one person who ran for counselor in Bacong who was roaming around the area...and he was not there to vote. I wonder why this guy was there!? I totally know this guy's name.
  • The flow was slow because some people are taking more than an hour just to finish shading their ballots.
  • There were sudden black outs! What will happen to these machines!?
  • I saw some ballots that were not accepted by the PCOS machine and they are quite a few of them. So, how can this be RIGHT TO VOTE where in fact their ballots were not accepted and these machines are not 100 percent accurate!?
I don't know if these things for Election 2010 in Dumaguete are for the better or for the worse; however, may God enlighten everyone and will lead us to the greener side of life.

I don't know, but there is something at the back of my soul that this Halalan 2010 is going to be the most malicious and the dirtiest election ever! For now, I have no choice but to wait and see who will win on this Election 2010.

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J-me Pikman said...

TY for the info!!!

By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just finished a new contest called Mama's day out!