Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greenwich: Nag-Level Up na

Just this Wednesday, Greenwich has officially announced their new products that will indubitably satisfy not just your appetite, but also your pocket.

yummy pizza fries (Flavors: Pepperoni and Garlic & Cheese)
Greenwich Pizza Fries

me and my hawaiian pizza overload
My Hawaiian overload

lunch anyone?
Greenwich Quarter Slab Ribs with Java rice

Bacon Chicken Carbonara Supreme
Greenwich Bacon Chicken Carbonara Supreme

The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza
(2 times more premium ham, smoked bacon,
glazed pineapple, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses
Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload

Greenwich has always been consistent with their taste, their service and their customer friendliness. They make sure that their customers do not leave the place with broken faces, a half full stomach and a dusty, empty wallet...and eventually became the people's choice for pizza and other food they are serving.

"Nag-LEVEL UP ka na!!!"
Level up action

Even with these achievements, they did not stop from pursuing greater achievements. Instead, they went beyond their goals and has improved beyond best!

The beautiful smiles of Greenwich Staff and Crew
Greenwich Staff and Crew

I had so much fun and enjoyed my food. What inspired me most was that Greenwich was not selfish towards their crew. Greenwich has given their staff and crew more opportunity to grow as a good and innovative employee, yet a humble person. They were also given new clothes to make them more confident in what they do. Most of the time these people despises their selves because of their work, but it's totally irrelevant. There is nothing wrong with their work...and the progress that Greenwich has achieved is just one proof of that. Without them, all of these achievements are just mere fabrication of a vivid imagination. To the staff and crew, you deserve all the pride and glory...cheers!

Angeli and I Angeli, Doyzkie and I

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Photo Credits: Doyzkie and Angeli


JAbbeRedONiON said...

i just had the hawaiian overload a few days ago. didn't know it was one of their new products.

Pinoy Blabbermouth said...

Naglevel up na nga! LOL

rabsin_d said...

@JAbbeRedONiON: wahehehe! mao to ang level up nla ;)

@Pinoy Blabbermouth: wahehehe!