Monday, December 7, 2009

Please vote for Candice Jayari for Ms. Bayawan!

Candice Jayari for Ms. Bayawan 2009Hi Guys! I am asking for your time to please vote for my very good friend, Candice Jayari for Ms. Bayawan! link here

She is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in Silliman University. She is a table tennis varsity during her High School years.
We met and became friends during the Adventure Envoy. Another entry is the Angels of Adventure.

She was really shy before...and I am one of those people who kept on encouraging her to join beauty pageants because I know she has the potential to be a beauty queen.

She has also joined Ms. Dumaguete 2008.

I wish you all the best Candz, God Bless!


L.A. said...

Her vital stats muna. LOL

rabsin_d said...

LOL! I swear...trip mo cya...nyahaha!

francine said...

,oo nga she has a potential..hope madami mg vote sa knya...

grabe nmn comment nung l.A...,bk8 nmn nid itanung vital..hay nku...

,bilib aq sa knya mlkas din loob nung girl..,cguro dhil nrin sa mga frnd nia n very supportive..

rabsin_d said...

@Francine: ganyan talaga c L.A. but his a good hearted guy... gentle man yan sa totoo...sunod-sunuran kung baga...LOL!

Yeah, she is indeed potential...I just hope she gets it! thanks for the comment