Thursday, August 7, 2008

Adventure Envoy

Here is a link of the said activity that happened last Summer 2008. Click here.

I was one of the contestant...but my picture was a No-no! (I hated the photographer on that I don't know Gallery...he stops me from doing what I want to pose! Grrr!). Anyhow, this was one of the most memorable summer in my life. I met knew friends in College with different course, different lifestyle, and different perspective in life. I learned how to blend in with people whom you don't like before.

Here is another link to read the contest proper (Program). Click here.

Here are the awards that I got from the Competition:

Amazing Race in Amlan Winner w/ JESSICA FRANCE M. DE LOS SANTOS
Cuttin' Loose Best Evening Presence RICKY LOUIE A. DE LA CRUZ
Miracle Mile's Wisdom of Summer 2008 RICKY LOUIE A. DE LA CRUZ

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