Friday, December 11, 2009

Passionata: Let us Celebrate our Cultural Heritage

Passionata ConcertNovember 30, 2009, I was given the privilege to watch the concert, Passionata. I was really excited about the concert especially that I am most inclined to music more than anything and it is a Cultural Heritage Celebration that showcase the Cebuano and Filipino talents.

The concert gave emphasis to the Cebu Chamber Singers and the Mandaue City Children's Choir and It was just OUTSTANDING!

The Cebu Chamber Singers' moved me with their Africa-American version of the song, 'Circle of Life'. It was one of the best songs!

Cebu Chamber Singers - Circle of Life (Africa-America)

The Mandaue City Children's Choir is amazing! They are truly worthy to be part of the concert! The songs performed by the choir that I loved so much were 'Ambo Hato' and 'Ummah Sallih'. Very young children yet with great potential...very lucky children indeed.

Mandaue City Children's Choir - Ambo Hato

Mandaue City Children's Choir - Ummah Sallih

Here are some videos of the said concert, Passionata:

Cebu Chamber Singers - Sigulempong (Indonesia)

Mandaue City Children's Choir - Bochong and Pokpok Alimpako

Passionata - Matud Nila

Passionata - Pasayawa Ko Day

The concert was deeply a joy to my heart. Hopefully, God will give me the chance to showcase what I really longed for since childhood. Just be patient... It will come...soon.

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