Thursday, December 10, 2009's Birthday Celebration

November 29, Saturday, I had a plan to stay at home. I wanted to prison myself to minimize spending and to spare time doing something else aside from going outside and morning the night.

However, it didn't go as planned due to Guada together with Junrey and Orville! She called up at around 10pm to invite me for her pre-birthday celebration...and I couldn't say no...that is because they won't start the party if I will not come. So, do I even have a choice?

We had a bottle of tequila at Brews Point while enjoying the never ending Birthday greeting of the band! We also had 2 servings of sisig. It was delicious!
Blizzard at Numero Doce
Junrey, Guada and the BlizzardAfter, we headed to Numero Doce and tried their Blizzard. It tasted like chewing gum, but it definitely blew my mind away! We also showed some dance moves while finishing every drop of it. I must say, Doce has a great taste in music!

Then we went at Casanova to drink a set of Red Horse and chill. - The Birthday Girl Red Horse at Casanova At Casanova Camwhoring at Casanova chilling outside Casanova

It might not be the one I planned, but it was a great night indeed!

Today is her birthday by the way...Happy Birthday Guada EsmeƱa!!!


-bugsbunny- said...

weeeeeeeeeeeee... uber lingaw!!!!

rabsin_d said...

kaau! :D

Tiborsho said...

sooooo wasted that time ... hahahaha

rabsin_d said...

@Tiborsho: Nyahaha! really??? dili man...wahehehe!