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This is what the hosts, Katrina Isabelle Horfilla Ros (Nurse, Model, Miss Cebu 2007 1st runner-up), Christine Fernandez (Optometrist, Model), usually shouts everytime a player gets a point!

The show begins with its theme song and the game starts with the "Party Hat Dance". There are 50 players to be selected through computer and 25 of them will be qualified for the next round. One of the players will receive a PhP500 prize inside the hat.
Another round comes with the selection of 5 players through a "bingo-like" pattern. The pattern will be selected by a guest celebrity. If one of the five contestants answered the question wrong, there will be a change of selection of another 5 contestants in another pattern. If all 5 contestants answered correctly, they will proceed to the next round (the Question and Answer round).
On the third round, one of the 5 contestants will answer correctly and select the number. The saidnumber will appear on other players and sometimes the player itself. The contestant with 4 numbers appeared, whether he/she answered or not, will go to the bonus round. In the event that 2 or more contestants have 4 numbers each, they will go on to "Sudden Death." "Sudden Death" refers to a tie-breaking question. Whoever answers the question first and correctly will go to the bonus round.
Finally, in the bonus round, the player (who already qualified for the monthly challenge round) will be given 2 patterns and the numbers appeared on the computer. The computer will automatically select the winning pattern. If the player guessed the 5 numbers correctly according to the computer-selected pattern, he/she will receive PhP3,000 cash.

(from Wikipedia)

ABS-CBN invited iLearners Inc. for a Special Edition on their show. iLearners Inc. is an organization whomgoal is to eliminate illiteracy one at a time:


Ilearner's mission is to generate and distribute resources that will support, enrich and enhance education opportunities for all students in the rural areas and encourage teachers to implement innovative educational programs.The iLearners’s Officials and Board of Trustees recognize that this is best accomplished by a combined commitment and collaboration with the rural school district, the rural school board, volunteers and other organizations in the community.


Ilearners are dedicated to supporting, enriching and enhancing the learning experience of all students in the rural areas, where illiteracy is of a great number,investing its resources in education and youth, eliminating iliiteracy one at a time.

They are looking for volunteers to play for the special event so I've decided to share my time with them...and it would be a great pleasure to play for them. Proceeds for the said event will go to iLearners Inc.

For more info about iLearners Inc., click here and here.

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