Monday, August 17, 2009

SANGTUWARYO: An Environmental Awareness

Sangtuwaryo, an enivoronmental awareness to everyone! There are already existing movies about protecting marine sanctuaries (like Muro Ami); however, this Sangtuwaryo is one of a kind. Probably because of their real talent amateur actors (never had workshop)...including the challenges we face in life and how the characters handle and faced these challenges.

It is indeed a big wake up call for me that a movie and a usual plot like this could be so strong and influencial! I mean, the story seem so ordinary, yet it gave a POWERFUL impact!

Sangtuwaryo, directed by ARCHIE MODEQUILLO and written by CORA ROSALES JAYMA (also one of the casts), is indeed a must see movie!!!

We also had the chance to have a little chit-chat with Sec. Ace Durano about how influencial bloggers are in our generation. He would also like (if possible) to sit down with us and share thoughts. 'O it would be a pleasure!!!'

with Secretary Ace Durano with CORA ROSALES JAYMA and ARCHIE MODEQUILLO


Mrs. Corazon Rosales-Jayma, a versatile cebuano radio broadcaster, stage play drama, actress, and script writer;

Mr. Archie Modequillo, a film director and a tri-media news caster. He finished his Master’s on Film Making in the U.S.A. and he is a correspondent filmmaker for the National Geographic Channel in Southeast Asia;

The team’s passion and dedication towards Marine conservation is admirable. They offered to make the film at a fraction of the cost of commercial production.

photos by: Ethelbert

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