Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good Times...

Before I get to the point of this entry, I just want to share some photos I took from UP COOK OUT!!!

Took this lovely shot of the tree where the moon was behind while experimenting on my sister's camera

It was my first time to step on the grounds of the University of the Philippines (Cebu) and somehow, it was remarkable because finally, after the long wait, I have finally bought my own AKO MISMO DOG TAG!!!

After, Attorney, OMG, and I went to a karaoke bar where we were singing our nasals out! LOL!


mark said...



love the tree Shot!

Bryan Karl said...

Early bird! Thanks sa pag-adto bisan sayo kaayo mo ni hawa. :)

rabsin_d said...

@mark: Hei OMG! wahehehe! Love the tree shot too :)

@Bryan: heeheehee! sorry for not asking permission...blame it to Atty...wahehehe! (hugas kamay mode) LOL