Sunday, July 26, 2009

FinLust meets CBS

This was the Digital Filipino Club 2009 at PAGCOR and the very first event I have been not just for bloggers, but for business enthusiasts too!

I was most of the time silent during the event...but I did enjoy it...especially the food :)

The event was totally dominated by the Cebu Bloggers Society and that was the time I got to know more about them and the club. In addition, I also met/knew big personnel in the BLOG WORLD and prestigious events that is a MUST attend.

Here are some pictures of the said event:

The ever gorgeous Ms. Janette and McBilly


issue??? :p

Attorney and the 'X'

raffle draw...

The Focal Glass and the Luster

for more photos: click here and here.


kat said...

hah! cool, you finally got to meet x and doyzkie! big time na mga mga cebu bloggers :) hehe

rabsin_d said...

woooh! Yah! bigtime cla lahat...Do you know them friends?

kat said...

yes, i know x from back in 2006. he's so fun to be with and not to mention, gay! haha! and i met doyzkie in singapore. small world nga. they have plans of extending the bloggers' society to Dumaguete.

they're such 'sabay' bunch of people, :) glad u know them now.

rabsin_d said...

wow! cool! small world least I have something to talk about when we meet again...

I hope naa na pud blogger society sa Dumaguete...