Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome New Nurses!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our new nurses!!! I just hope you get employed after this :P

I mean, honestly...I really am hoping for your career, especially to my friends:

Jared Tyrone Solante Lape
Khristine Vergara
Michelle Ungria
Cyre Buen Absuelo
Manet Ganzales (forgot her real name)

check result here.

This has been a very long awaited list for these guys...and I think everyone of them deserves to be on the list. Thinking of all the sacrifices they did for their course (sleepless nights, and neglecting night life...sigh...sometimes, I pity them...LOL!) Oh I know how hard this is...really hard! I also noticed these experiences from my brother. Yes, my brother is an R.N. (a Cum Laude Graduate) and boy he sacrificed alot of things BIG TIME!

Well, that's it...sore high NURSES!!!

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