Friday, May 8, 2009

My Work (Day 4)

Last night was a bomb!!! We had so much fun at work...

We kept on laughing because of these messages we send to each other that keeps going on and on... We kind of abuse our email which is not supposed to be used for spamming or something...LOL!

Anyhow, we just had another activity where I did not understood the instructions...I was not sure if it was not instructed clearly or it was me who was not i need to go to work early to finish my unfinished exercise...


This will be my 5th day and the last day of work...then day off is OURS!!! Wahehehe!

I can't wait to transfer to our new apartment and buy my new soccer shoes!

Well, this is it for now...I could not think of anything to write...wahehehe!

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