Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Morning!

Hey! Just woke up and my tummy is aching...because I wasn't able to eat my dinner last night and I directly went to bed...and now I directly sat in front of the PC even though my stomach is effin complaining...Wahehehehe!

Anyhow, I'll be going to school by 9am, we will be implementing our OJT project so that it will not be a great burden in future days.

BTW, FINAL EXAM is next week already...and I have written down some schedules for me to prioritize each subject:

  • Make a reaction paper during our Field Trip at Cebu (At least 7 pages)
  • Study Web App notes for our Final examination this Thursday
  • Read 20 Articles for our Filipino Final Examination this Thursday
  • Stusy VB.NET notes...
  • And make a Final Project for our Multi Medai Class


daZed2stand said...

hehe... baboy man ka nano man ka nagutman?! lol. mishu manghud! have you been a slut lately? where's ur hair nah? u stil have it? hope to see you nya... magabii nalang mi mka tambay sa steds... we miss u

rabsin_d said...

Wahehehe! Got drunk...wahehehe! I MISS YOU TOO!!! ALOT! Ehem...well, I've always been a SLUT! Wahehehe! I just got rid of the dreads...Txt pud mo oi!