Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Huhuhu! Anyhow, before I spill the BAD NEWS, I want to thank Lorselle for the very cOoL WP pencil, sticker and button...THANKS ALOT!

Okay, here it is...We were threatened by our teacher a while ago that we might not graduate this March because we were very lousy in making an initiative to pass our requirements as early as possible...(Duh! What's the purpose of DEADLINE!!?) But somehow, she is quite I badly needs to work even harder! Huhuhu! PRESSURE much!

Well, I got to go now...

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Lurchie said...

oh so that's what you meant by your teacher hurrying you up. well, it is almost the middle of february, your requirements should be all ready to go by now ;))

good luck! i know you can do it!! :D and you are welcome on the schwag ;)

make sure you relax. sometimes things come together when you actually relax instead of going nuts ;)

invite bya mi sa inyo grad!! :P