Friday, February 20, 2009

Cellphone Messages

I finally have the time to post here the messages saved on my cellphone for the past few weeks.

So, I won't keep you waiting...

Eren Belle Asentista's message:

"bgin 2 learn..
dt kises dnt
alwys min

dt pr0mises cn b
broken juz as
quick as dey r

dt sumtyms
gudbyes r rili

& alwys rmmbr 2
use "il0veyou" w/
xtreme caution..

coz f u used n a
wrong way,
sum1 wil end up
getting hurt..

rmmber dat 8
shudnt b an
everyday word..

8 also shudnt b
said juz bc0z ur
xpctd 2 say 8..

make sure u knw
hw & wen 2 use 8..
coz once ur nluv..

8 shudnt b dt
easy 2 fall out of

Eren Belle Asentista's message:

"Those who are
bitter are

Wanna know

Because STRONG
people know
how to control
their emotions.

And BITTER people
know when to
realize that it's
ENOUGH and it's

is not totally a
negative thing.

It's just means of
showing others
that in life
there's such
as - 'I still love
you but I don't
want you anymore.'"

Love's messages:

"wat makes a
person worth
lovin for?
it's wen ur both
sleepin in a cold

u turn
around, seeing
him/her in d
most innocent

u kissed dat
person gently,
making sure
he/she wont
wake up..

u turn ur back, a
smile on ur face,

and then u felt
an arm

hugging ur
waist, a warm
breath on the
backof ur
hearing a
voice say,


and God, no
feeling can ever
get better than


BTW, there is still a message left...but I think it's not time to post it here...Wahehehe! It's from 'the friend'!


xar_asbir said...

Gimingaw ko nene pagbasa nako ani. Hehe

rabsin_d said...

You are really into her abang sa..?

I've heard about your sacrifices sauna sa High School...and I can see your sacrifices now...You will be Blessed indeed!

xar_asbir said...

Obvious bah?hehe

Well, I am. I am happy but at the same time still confused about that thing that I told you months ago.

rabsin_d said...

Ah! Kalimti r2 was just your mentality when ever your mad or something or mgfight mo...just make the most out of it while both of you are still together...