Monday, February 9, 2009

Can You Handle This...?

WoW! A lot of this happened while I was away from my home town...and some was quite shocking...

I was planning to fix my thoughts so that I can write a blog entry of our field trip in Cebu, and the affairs in between...but I was pushed to make this ASAP!

I arrived in Dumaguete on the 8th of February (4:30 am) and was shocked of what I saw...dirt everywhere...I asked what happen...and this was the reply:

click here and here.

Woooh! It's not finished! I was with my friends earlier...also with my current X and I was freaking shocked of what they told me...that my X is starting to like girls...and she (my X) told me that she like my other friend who is a lesbo. What a revelation! Wahehehe! Well, Good Luck in your LIFE dude!

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