Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time Is Running Out...

Hey! I can't believe it...the was suddenly over...Time is indeed very fast.

BTW, I still have an exam this Tuesday...but before that I want to invite everyone for our Concert for a Cause this Monday (7:00 pm), MUSIC AND DREAMS, in Amphitheater, Silliman University. See you there!!!

Anyhow, this day is quite tiring. My throat is in pain! Huhuhu! We just had our technical rehearsal for the concert a while ago, and we'll be having our final technical rehearsal on Monday (12-1:00 pm)

I'm really tired right now, and so is my voice...I hope I deliver my song well on Monday...Wish me luck...and see you there!!!


xar_asbir said...

Ohh, good luck! I'll try to watch it if I have time. =)


i'm pretty sure kaya mo yan.. i have a great trust in you... don't strain your voice too much..

rabsin_d said...

@xar: ahhh...laina! ayaw sulayi tanaw woi! hehehe

@JARED: tnx! ALOT!