Friday, January 30, 2009

1 More Exam To Go!!!

Yey! Our exam earlier was indeed very easy...Thanks ate Flo!

Anyhow, we still have one more battle to conquer, and that will happen this Tuesday! The bad thing is that it's my hatest subject, not because of the subject itself, but because of the teachers (Yes, there are 2 teachers in this subject) who is incompetently teaching the subject. Grrr! I still can't think of any reason why would I give so much effort in this subject...They are so discouraging!

Anyhow, our Concert for a Cause will be held this Monday, February 2, Hope you will watch the Concert. I'll be posting the video of the concert as soon as I get a hand of it...peace out!


xar_asbir said...

They doesn't deserve our 4 thousand for that class.

Lurchie said...

hehe good luck! you can do eeeeeet!!

who is flo? flo benlota?

rabsin_d said...

@xar_asbir: so TRUE!!! Grrr!

@Lurchie: uu! hehehe