Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Arrived!

At long last...I'm here...Stepped on Cebu by 10am...ate lunch with friends by 11:30pm...and arrived in the apartment by12...What a day!

Anyhow,I want to share what just happened to us last night.

The plan was we (Tang2, Dave, Kat, Daisy,and me) meet at the port. We arrived at the port at 10:45 pm since our trip is at 11pm except for Dave. We were not aware that our ride already left because we were waiting for Dave...WTF! So we bought another ticket for another ride at 12 midnight. We are already in the boat yet Dave was still not there and it was already 11:45pm. Tang2 saw him walking towards the port and was about to give the ticket...but it was not the right ticket since it was a new ride for Dave and I was running as fast as we could to the counter to buy another ticket for the 12 midnight trip...and it was like 1 or 2 kilometers...XET! It was really exciting and tiring at the same time...BTW, while we were about to pay the ticket, Dave found out that his money was gone and he can't pay for the I decided to pay for it...AS IF I HAD A CHOICE! Grrr!

After that running stuff...I was grasping for air badly...

After that, my friends and I suddenly laughed...because it was kind of weird that all those things happened in just one night only...

Anyhow, I'm here now...and I am just waiting for invitations...Wahehehe!

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