Saturday, December 27, 2008

What The F?!!

Huhuhu! Our monitor just got BUSTED!!! Grrr! So I'm here in some Internet Cafe... That means I won't be able to update my blog as usual like, 2 to 3 times a day...Huhuhu! I can't believe this! MY GAMES, MY BLOG, MY LIFE!!! Huhuhuhu!

BTW, I just had my hair cut...because our home was so boring without the I went down town and got a haircut...I'll let you see again...wahehehe

Another thing, since Christmas had pass...I got some nice gifts from my friends and my sister...Well, I did not wear them all...The necklace below was given to me by my sister...and It's super nIcE...don't care if it's fake or long as it looks nice...Wahehehe! THANKS SISTAH!!!

BTW, my sister just told me that after she will be getting her plan for her phone, she'll be giving me her other PHONE!!! WAHAHAHAHA! Can't wait... :)

Lastly, I'm with Faye (my long lost friend) now!!! Wahehehe! Take a look at some pix...

One last thing...The most PRECIOUS picture ever...Wahehehe!


Francesca said...

Ahaha, ayus yung last pic ah.
Naku kung wala ding internet dito sa bahay mababaliw ako.
Nga pala, nabasa ko na yung Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse at Breaking Dawn.
Pero salamat sa offer dun sa ebook. =]

rabsin_d said...

Yah! The last pic was definitely funny...Hmmmp...I miss this person so much! Anyhow, uu nga, nakakainis pg walang internet...Grrr!