Friday, December 26, 2008

Good Morning!!!

Hey! I just arrived home from Alfie's residence (Cheerdance and Barkada)...We had a great time singing and dancing their! Her mom is a good friend (NOW) and his relatives are cOoL! And speaking of cOoL, I have a NEW CRUSH!!! I still don't know her name but I'll be knowing it SOON! Wahehehehe! I already have a plan how to make friends with her...but for now let me give her a nickname...Hmmmp...ahhh! Let's call her 'THE VOICE'...and why is that? Simply because she stunned me with her amazing voice...a very petit,and cute girl who keeps smiling especially if there's a camera...MY GOD! She is AMAZING! She is definitely ONE IN A MILLION! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her!

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