Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just got home...I was with my friends enjoying the night...and also making morning the night! Wahehehe! BTW, a shocking thing just happened to me earlier...For how many years that I have been driving a motor, today (3:03pm) was my first time to experience an accident...though it was not that tragic, I just could not stop thinking about it, first, because it was not my motor, second, the other person at my back was younger than me and I'll be responsible if anything happens to us, and third, I don't want to DIE yet...I still want to achieve my dreams and smell my toga (Yes, I'll be graduating this March, hopefully...)

Christmas pa naman...

So, I've made a proposal for myself, and that is 'NO MOTOR FOR A MONTH OR TWO!!!' What do you think guys..?

Lastly, sorry about the motor beb... :(

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