Monday, November 24, 2008

Tomorrow's The Day!!!

A sudden change of plan happened this morning! The Soft Ball players had decided to practice today around 4 pm...Good thing I was in down town already...By arriving to the campus, I met MDP and we went inside together...WAAAAAAAAAH!!! Ghmmmm...and invited me to go to their place tomorrow because it's FIESTA! WOW! I involuntarily accepted the offer...LOL!

BTW, I was shocked after asking MDP where their place is because it's kind of near our home...Can you imagine that...? Aside from us getting closer, our houses are close too! Wahehehe! I can't wait to ask MDP to drop me home since MDP has a motor...wahehehe! Speaking of motor, when will my parent buy me my own motor...? Hmmmp?

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