Wednesday, November 26, 2008


First and foremost, I want to apologize for not blogging yesterday...I got really busy that day because it was the Fiesta of our City.

(What happened Yesterday, Nov. 25)
During lunch, we (me and my High School friends) went to MDP's really big house...just realized that they're very RICH!!! Wahhehehehe! Anyhow, we went to Preslyn's House after until evening...and lastly, we went to Ralph's House which is usually the last place we go to for the past 5 years now...It was indeed GLUTTONY!

(Today, Nov. 26)
I went home at 4 am...Then we will be having our Intramural's openning by 6 am...WHAT THE!...I had less than 2 hours of sleep and I haven't ate my breakfast...Grrr!

By arriving to school, I was indubitably sleepy...and the for today was the following:

Soft Ball --> CCS (that's us) vs. Engineering = Engineering
Soccer --> CCS vs. Nursing = Nursing

So, as what you can see, we lost the 2 consecutive games...Wahehehe! That's because these 2 Colleges are really competitive...besides, we had a close fight...

BTW, we were practicing a while ago with our dance sport...and boy it was awsome! I think, we'll be doing GREAT during the final performance (I AM REALLY HOPING...). Aside from that, our trainer introduced his other dancers who will also be helping us to win the GOLD! Wahehehe! Well, that's it for now...nyt guyz...

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Nicole said...

Same with us. We lose ball games like you wouldnt believe. But that's normal for people who live breathe sleep computers.

But CCS aces in board games... Or DOTA. LOL.

Scrabble na lang! :)