Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is such a bad day...Grrr! I left my cellphone at school so I had no alarm to wake me up! My class starts at 7 am (which I really hate the most) and I woke up 9 am! I arrived school by 10 am and that's the time for our soft ball practice.

During the practice, I saw MDP which kind of lessen the madness of the day...until the time came MDP accidentally hit me with a ball while throwing it the someone close to me...MDP (for everyone to know: is that fastest throwing person I've ever seen) It was really really painful and I hated MDP for that! Even though MDP apologized, my arm already had the bruise!!!

I stopped practicing, not because of the bruise, but because I was tired...and MDP might have thought I was mad...well, actually I was, but I know it was an accident...Hehehe! (kung hindi ko lang siya talaga crush ay tinapunan ko na rin siya ng baseball bat!!!)

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